Where I’ve Been for Months

I have noticed that all my most recent posts are explanations of why I haven’t been posting. This is no exception.

I of course had to put my game on hold again. I have fallen victim to myself again. I made the game so much more complicated than it should’ve been and I overwhelmed myself.

But that is only part of the reason I haven’t been working on it. I’ve been working on some freelance projects that have been making me some pretty decent money, and since I am trying desperately to pay off credit cards and free myself from debt, I had to go where the money was. It does bother me though that I haven’t been working on my own games, which is my dream.

One of the freelance projects was at least game design related. I can’t get into much detail, but I’ve been programming games for a STEM school game design class. The kids in the class are doing the artwork and coming up with the gameplay ideas, and I’m building the game.

I also bought a 3D printer a couple of months ago and have been learning how to use that and creating tons of 3D models in 3ds Max. 3D modeling is pretty time-consuming, so between that and the freelance projects and my full-time job, working on my iOS game has been impossible.

I am trying to get back to my iOS game this week. I’m watching some videos about Swift 2 and SpriteKit changes in iOS 9 so I can get back up to speed and accomplish something. It’s been far too long since I submitted a game to Apple. I think what I am going to do is finish Goat Girl Princess after I rethink it and scale it way back, and then I want to release a small game every 6 weeks or so. With my other work, that’s a good timetable for me. I’m using a couple apps on the Mac to help me manage my time and keep me motivated. Hopefully I can get and stay on track.


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