Origami Bazooka Back in the Works

I’ve decided that in order to get my platformer game finished and published I need to scale down the scope so I can finish it in a reasonable time. I have a lot of ideas for Goat Girl Princess but I want that game to be epic, so I’m keeping it on hold for the time being.

Instead, I have started working on Origami Bazooka again. I’m primarily targeting the AppleTV but it will also be on iPhone and iPad. It’s a much more manageable game this time. It will have an optional cooperative “campaign” and a local versus mode. I’m planning to include 15 levels in it and will update with more depending on how it does.

A lot of it is done but I have lots of art to do. I’m hoping to release it by the end of June. I’m going to really try to force myself to try to force myself to remember to try to force myself to post progress here since that is the whole point of the blog.

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