My name is Matt Lebel and I’m a game-aholic.

Stolen Meatball Games is the name of my one man indie game studio.

A little bit about me

I’ve been modeling and animating with 3ds Max for over 10 years, I’ve worked with UnrealEd and UDK, I was an old school Doom and Quake modder. I am currently working in Unity3D and Sprite Kit for iOS. I have some experience coding in C# and worked on Xbox Live Indie Games a few years ago as well. I’m also a 2D animator, having learned since childhood with hand drawn animation and currently using Flash and Anime Studio Pro.

My very first console was the Colecovision which I got in 1983. Ever since I played that and noticed how the game graphics didn’t match the box art, I wanted to make my own game. It wasn’t until I got my first PC and made some Doom levels that I really got a taste for making games. In the mid 2000’s I finally started making some game prototypes, but never really finished anything.

Why ‘StolenMeatball’?

I was the victim of a horrible meatball related crime a few years ago at work. We were having a pot luck lunch and someone made some really great meatballs. They were very popular and I got the last four. I filled my plate with all my food, went to sit down, and then realized I had forgotten to get utensils. When I came back from getting my utensils, there were only three meatballs on my plate. Some thief at that table took one and no one would fess up. You can read more about meatball related crimes in this post. Beware, meatball crimes are on the rise and they could happen to you.