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Ready to create an LLC

Well I’m finally about to register my “company” as an actual business. I’m looking into how to transfer my existing apps over to a new developer account, but hopefully Apple can upgrade my account without the need to make a new one.

I’m just kind of tired of having the apps display in the Appstore under my actual name.… Continue reading

How to Write a Mobile Game Business Plan | Chartboost

It’s important to approach your game not only as a game, but also as a business.

Even if money isn’t the sole objective for game devs, you need capital to create the game, to market the game, to acquire users and to keep the game running post-launch. Just like any business, it takes constant internal investment to succeed externally.

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Guess it’s been a while

Scary Movie

I haven’t posted much of anything in a while. I went on vacation at the end of August and since I’ve been back I have been extremely busy on all sorts of things except for game design.

I’ve been testing a smart remote device that I’m under NDA and can’t say anything more about, I’ve been researching 3D printers for a new project my wife and I might possibly jump into, and I’ve been helping my mom with getting her business and website off the ground.… Continue reading