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How Fun Is Your Mobile Game, Really? | Chartboost

When Mike Rose played Party Hard for the first time, he knew it was a hit. The mobile game, in which players attack their rowdy neighbors, had been made in just a week for a game jam. But Rose, a former game critic and current talent scout at Bothell, Wash.-based publisher TinyBuild, says his company added Party Hard to its roster because “the weeklong prototype was stupidly fun.”

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8 Indie Mobile Gaming Blogs to Bookmark Now | Chartboost

Fellow mobile game developer’s blogs are an invaluable resource for indie devs: The most candid posts will teach you exactly how other indie developers strategize, attack, and take advantage of the broadening opportunities in the burgeoning indie gaming scene. What’s more, grounding yourself in other game’s successes — and failures — will help you keep a healthy perspective on your own efforts.

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Legal Pitfalls for Indie Developers – IGDA



Legal topics tend to be a subject that many indie game studios and much smaller indie devs, such as myself and other individuals and small teams, tend to ignore and think it won’t apply to them.

The IGDA recently had a webinar for indie devs hosted by video game attorney Ryan Morrison to teach a bit about how the law applies to us and what we should do not only to keep us from infringing on the rights of large companies that can eat us for breakfast, but also to protect our own rights and properties.… Continue reading