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How to Write a Mobile Game Business Plan | Chartboost

It’s important to approach your game not only as a game, but also as a business.

Even if money isn’t the sole objective for game devs, you need capital to create the game, to market the game, to acquire users and to keep the game running post-launch. Just like any business, it takes constant internal investment to succeed externally.

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8 Indie Mobile Gaming Blogs to Bookmark Now | Chartboost

Fellow mobile game developer’s blogs are an invaluable resource for indie devs: The most candid posts will teach you exactly how other indie developers strategize, attack, and take advantage of the broadening opportunities in the burgeoning indie gaming scene. What’s more, grounding yourself in other game’s successes — and failures — will help you keep a healthy perspective on your own efforts.

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How Game of Thrones Could Boost Game Installs 

If last year’s patterns repeat themselves, viewers… of HBO’s Game of Thrones are likely to install and play mobile games that remind them of all things dungeons, dragons, knights and shining armor. During the weekend of the popular show’s fourth-season premiere (April 6, 2014), strategy, kingdom and medieval games saw new installs jump 34 percent, according to Chartboost data.

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What the what?! App Store Metrics | Pocket Gamer.biz

Pocket Gamer has a page that shows App submissions, and the numbers are insane. I figured Apple was getting a lot of submissions every day, but I didn’t think it was this much.

App Submissions By Month
Month # Apps # Games # Total Avg/Day
2015-03 3,991 1,459 5,450 1,090
2015-02 32,232 11,385 43,617 1,407
2015-01 35,652 12,036 47,688 1,538


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Gamasutra – Obituary: Ralph Baer, ‘father of video games,’ passes away


Ralph Baer, a true pioneer of video games, has passed away at the age of 92, Gamasutra can confirm via independent sources close to Baer.

Baer developed the very first console video game system, originally known as the Brown Box, but later licensed and sold as 1972’s Magnavox Odyssey, which laid the foundation for video games as we know them today.

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For Indie Games, the Struggle Continues after Release via Gaming Illustrated

Interesting read on the subject of indie games, internet comments, and the misunderstanding of the evolution of video games by millennials.

Robin hits on a couple good points here. First, I think it definitely is the inexperience in gaming that kids have and the fact that they’ve grown up with all the amazing graphics technology we have now compared to what we started with in the 70’s and 80’s.… Continue reading