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How Fun Is Your Mobile Game, Really? | Chartboost

When Mike Rose played Party Hard for the first time, he knew it was a hit. The mobile game, in which players attack their rowdy neighbors, had been made in just a week for a game jam. But Rose, a former game critic and current talent scout at Bothell, Wash.-based publisher TinyBuild, says his company added Party Hard to its roster because “the weeklong prototype was stupidly fun.”

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GDC Talk: Developing for Oculus Rift

Virtual reality is significantly different to monitor-based games in many ways. Many choices that are merely stylistic for traditional games become incredibly important in VR, while others become irrelevant. Working on the Team Fortress 2 VR port to taught me a lot of surprising things. Some of these lessons are obvious when looking at the shipped product, but there are many paths we explored that ended in failure, and minor subtleties that were highly complex and absolutely crucial to get right.

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Gamasutra: Chad Etzel’s Blog – My iOS Indie-Game Numbers

I know that the Games category of the App Store is a total bloodbath when it comes to competing with the major publishers and even indie developers who have a decent reputation/following. I was just hoping the long tail was longer (it’s not). I am a relative nobody in the app world (and an even lesser nobody in the game world), so I did not have the connections with reviewers or the gaming community to get things off the ground.

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